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Terms and Conditions

Parts Sales
Terms & Conditions

1. All items sold remain the property of Polykastron Pty Ltd until the items have been paid for in full and funds have been cleared. Receipt and warranty are not transferable.

2. All new parts (except electrical parts) sold come with a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty from the date of the original purchase as noted on the original Tax Invoice.

This is based on the following conditions:-

a) Purchaser must return the part/parts in question as all parts may have to be sent back for testing as per manufacturer’s request before a warranty can be issued.

3. Polykastron Pty Ltd warrants all mechanical work conducted in the Poly 4x4 workshop. Included in this warranty is all the labour and faulty workmanship for 12 months from the original Tax Invoice date.

4. All second hand parts and panels (with the exception of brakes, electrical and hydraulic parts) come with a full 90 day warranty from the date of the original Tax Invoice, based on the following conditions: Additional notes printed on the front of the original Tax Invoice.

5. No returns will be accepted after 30 days from date of Tax Invoice. All returns may be subject to a 10% handling fee or a minimum fee of $22.00

6. Polykastron Pty Ltd will only replace/refund under the following conditions:-

a) The parts purchased and supplied were damaged. (Damage occurred due to transit is not covered by the warranty.)
b) The new parts have failed within 12 months from the date of the original Tax Invoice.
c) The second hand parts have failed within 90 days from the date of the original Tax Invoice.
d) The parts that were supplied by Polykastron Pty Ltd were incorrect, not as described, not as ordered.

NOTE: Any errors made by the Purchaser at the time of ordering, that is, chassis/vin, model, build date, body type, etc.) are not covered by the Warranty. Additionally any parts that have been modified, changed in any way by the Purchaser after the sale are not covered by the Warranty

7. a) Polykastron Pty Ltd reserves the right to inspect any part/s claimed to be faulty or incorrectly sent before issuing a refund or replacement.

b) In all cases, a copy of the original Tax Invoice MUST be provided with the faulty/incorrect part. If a replacement part cannot be supplied a refund will be given.

c) The full cost of the returning of the parts is the Purchaser’s responsibility. The Purchaser will be reimbursed for the freight costs if the warranty claim is valid.

d) The parts that were supplied by Polykastron Pty Ltd were incorrect, not as described, not as ordered.

8. Any warranty claims resulting from the Poly 4x4 mechanical workshop, Polykastron Pty Ltd reserves the first right to inspect any vehicle with a warranty claim. Polykastron Pty Ltd reserves the right to rectify, repair or replace any part (including labour costs) if the warranty claim is valid.

9. Polykastron Pty Ltd will not accept a warranty if the following conditions have been breached. Returns will only be accepted if they are returned in the same condition as supplied. (Fair wear and tear accepted).
The warranty will be null and void in these instances:-

a) The parts being returned for warranty have been dismantled in any way or tampered with.
b) If it is found that the parts were poorly, incorrectly fitted or damaged in the fitting process.
c) The parts have malfunctioned due to any negligence.
d) The panels have been part repaired or painted or changed in any way from when purchased from Polykastron Pty Ltd.

10. Poly 4x4 will not be held responsible for:

a) Any labour cost of part replacement.
b) Any costs of unauthorised repair work.
c) Any towing or freight costs.
d) Fitment of incorrect parts.
e) Any consequent damage.
f) Incorrect fitment of parts.

11. Parts and panels are sold as inspected and it is up to the Purchaser to ensure the correct information is supplied in regard to chassis, model, year and body type. Polykastron Pty Ltd will not be held responsible for incorrect information supplied by the Purchaser and any parts purchased incorrectly will be non-refundable and/or exchangeable.

12. Polykastron Pty Ltd will take no responsibility for any loss or damage of parts sent through Australia Post and/or through all freight companies. It is recommended that the parts freighted are insured by the Purchase at the Purchases cost. This option is available to the Purchaser should the Purchaser wish to buy the transport insurance.
13. A deposit charge will apply to all reconditioned and changeover parts, refundable upon return, providing the parts are in a serviceable & re-usable condition.

14. All quotes are valid for 7 days. Quoted prices may vary occasionally, depending on parts availability, parts quantities and demand.

15. For all engine, gearbox/transmission & differential Terms & Conditions, please refer to Polykastron Pty Ltd separate “Warranty Instructions Card” that will be supplied to you when you purchase one of these items.

16. Second Hand Brake & Hydraulic Parts
Brake and hydraulic components are items of safety and as such Polykastron Pty Ltd cannot foresee the performance, reliability or longevity of these parts. Therefore, these parts will only be sold strictly upon the customer’s specific request. All parts are sold with No Warranty and may suit rebuilding and/or reconditioning only. Polykastron Pty Ltd will accept no responsibility under any circumstance as the Purchaser will have been made fully aware of any issues when purchasing used parts, for example, the risks associated when buying second hand brakes and hydraulic parts. This is a purchasing condition before the Purchaser commits to purchasing any Second Hand Brakes and/or Hydraulic Parts.

17. Electrical Components including ECU’s (electrical control units)
Failure of electrical parts can often occur due to a failure that has been caused by an unknown source. Further damage can also occur to other parts if the fault is incorrectly diagnosed. For these reasons electrical parts sold from Polykastron Pty Ltd are exempt from any warranty period.

Acceptance of the attached Tax Invoice automatically constitutes acceptance of these Terms & Conditions of Trading.

When purchasing second hand part/s at a lesser dollar value compared to higher dollar value of new parts there is an element of risk that the second hand part/s may be faulty. The Purchaser should take this into consideration when purchasing parts.